A Main Sewer Line Blockage’s Warning Significance

Jan 31, 2023

The sewer lines are among the most critical components of the plumbing in your home. If it gets damaged or blocked, it can cause unwelcome problems on your property. Pipes damaged or offset could cost you a significant amount to fix or replace. The earlier you spot an issue with your sewer line or blockage that you notice, the more likely it is that you’ll have the ability to repair it without massive hassle or expense. The damage tends to get worse with time.

Be on the lookout for signs warning that your sewer line could get blocked:

Slow Draining in Sinks and Bathtubs

If you’re experiencing problems with your sewer lines, sinks, toilets, and bathtubs may drain slowly or entirely. Many fixtures could suffer from this issue. For example, suppose you use your washing machine, the bathroom spills over, or the sink in your laundry room overflows. In that case, it’s the most obvious sign of a blockage within the drainpipes. After all, water has to get somewhere.

If you also notice gurgling noises during flushing, this could indicate an obstruction in the drainage system. These sounds might tell that tree roots are the primary cause to be blamed for the blockage. Roots are one of the most significant causes of problems with sewer lines. So, if you’ve got an enormous tree in the vicinity of the sewer line, its roots may cause your issue. That is especially relevant if an older sewer is constructed from concrete or clay since roots may move into the pipe through pipe joints. Tiny feeder roots can make their way into the line to seek water. After they are inside, the roots become larger, acting as the net that catches waste and toilet paper until a blockage forms.

The Most Common Types of Sewer Problems

It is also the most significant drain in your home, susceptible to various issues. The most frequent problems that get found in a sewer line are the following:

  • Roots of trees – If the sources of your pipe are, the origins may rapidly damage the sewer line and cause additional destruction in a matter of minutes.
  • Broken, collapsed, cracked, or misaligned pipes – These are frequently brought on by frozen ground or shifting dirt.
  • Blockage – That may occur when grease or other objects hinder water flow.
  • Pipe corrosion or deterioration – If your pipe is old or made from materials other than PVC pipes, then you’re to have your pipes degrade in a way that could cause a collapse in the line and a limitation of flow.
  • Bellied pipe – That is when a piece of the line is sunk into the ground, forming an area where waste can converge.
  • Leaking joints – If the seals on pipes have to get broken, water could leak into the surrounding area.

How Can I Prevent the Problem?

Various other issues can impact a regular sewer line, so it is essential to stay aware and vigilant about looking for evidence of obstruction. To avoid future problems, ensure that your septic tank gets examined at least once every three or five years. That allows a knowledgeable Ottawa Plumbing Services specialist to explore your septic system to look for indications of cracks or breaks. In most cases, this allows us to fix the issue by providing a minor repair and will help avoid expensive replacements.

Cleaning out your sewer lines, and doing repair work on the area, is usually enough to resolve the issue. However, if the problem is too extensive and the technician cannot fix it, they may require an expensive replacement. After using a camera to conduct an inspection to identify the issue’s root cause, they will inform you of your options.

Is a Replacement Long-Term More Affordable?

In some instances, repairing the sewer line is more cost-effective than attempting to fix it. If your plumbing gets constructed of good-quality materials, it will be more prone to damage, leaks, or root infiltration. That could cause severe issues in the future, which can be more expensive than the initial replacement. An Ottawa Plumbing Services expert can discuss your alternatives with you so you can pick the one that best suits your requirements and budget.

Common Causes of Sewer Backups

A backed sewer can cause a lot of damage to your property. Summer and spring rains can cause significant disruption to your home’s sewer system and the sump pump. The next moment, you’re looking at the sewage accumulated in your toilets, drains, tubs, and basements.

1: Tree Roots

Roots are the main reason for a blocked sewer line, particularly in older houses. The underground drains begin to crack because as large tree roots grow, they begin wrapping over the sewerage line and slamming the pipes. A slow flow of water and loud noises emanating out of your bathroom are indications the tree’s roots may be causing damage to your sewer line. Make sure to take action against root damage by terminating them before they spread into your pipes.

2: Clogged Drains

Main sewer lines can get blocked just like regular drain pipes. To differentiate these two kinds of backups, be aware of what is the source of trouble. If just one toilet is causing difficulties, it could have a blocked drain. However, when you use your bathroom, you may experience an influx of sewage. In that case, you’re most likely encountering an obstruction in your main sewer line.

To prevent this in the future:

  • Don’t treat your toilet like a garbage can.
  • Beware of flushing diapers, napkins, or feminine care products.
  • For your disposal, beware of throwing fat and grease into the drain and vast quantities of food items, especially foods with high fibrous content.

3: Damaged Sewer Lines

The reason for an issue with the sewer system may originate from a damaged line. That is especially the case in older homes because pipes get made of clay and cast iron. The materials degrade with time, causing corrosion that eventually eats away at the lines.

Contact the neighborhood Ottawa Plumbing Services for professional assistance when you notice any sewage backup.

Get Some Help

A sewer blockage cannot get treated using the plunger or other over-the-counter chemicals. A high-powered machine is necessary to rid your sewer lines of debris and roots. The electric drain and sewer cleaning machines come with a robust and rigid steel cable that has sharp blades on the tip. The line turns as it moves through the sewer pipes, which means it removes obstructions. It can even cut roots down to the pipe’s walls to restore the entire flow of the sewer pipe. When the machine cannot pass across the pipeline, your technician will make an appointment for a camera inspection of your sewer pipeline to identify where the blockage is and why. A trained eye will be able to recommend fixes to the homeowner.

Suppose the evidence suggests the main line of your sewer is blocked. In that case, it’s best to contact an experienced plumber to help resolve the issue. Call Ottawa Plumbing Services today at (613) 317-1682 or email us at info@ottawaplumbingservice.com for more information.

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