Do You Require A Whole-House Filtration System?

Dec 20, 2022

A whole-house water filtering system protects the whole home. This system is suggested even for homes with treated municipal or city water.

  • Removing particular pollutants
  • Make extra precautions since family members have compromised immune systems.

A majority of homeowners would like to enhance the taste of their water. Suppose you draw water through a well or in a rural area without a water treatment facility from your municipal water supply. In that case, we suggest installing a water filtration system. Most tap and well water in Ottawa has moderate to high contaminants due to pollution from industries and the environment. Whether it comes from a lake, river, glacier, or well, all water sources get contaminated to some extent. Contaminants include minerals that naturally occur to elevated levels of bacteria caused by aquatic life in streams and lakes and the use of artificial chemicals and by-products. It has got recently demonstrated by the number of swimming pools and beaches that were shut or limited due to bacteria levels. Like lakes and rivers, surface water could also get exposed to acid rain, stormwater, runoff, industrial waste, and pesticides.

It is also the case for homes that have city or municipal water. Even though the water comes from water sources treated by municipal authorities, there’s still the chance of harmful contaminants like chlorine and lead.

Public and private water supplies may contaminate disease-causing pathogens, harmful household products, and chemicals used in agriculture.

In such a scenario, it gets recommended to consider installing a complete house filtration system to give you extra security from each water source. A lot of contaminants are not just able to be consumed but be inhaled or absorbed.

In many instances, most contaminants aren’t high enough to trigger immediate illness. However, they are more likely to cause chronic health issues. The effects can last long after exposure to even small quantities of a contaminant. While whole-house filters can be more expensive to set up, you’ll need to determine if the security of your home is worth the expense over the long term.

Whole-House Water Filtration System’s Advantages Include the following:

1: Water that is clean and filtered can get obtained from all water sources within your home.

2: Healthier water for cooking and drinking.

3: Baths and showers that are healthier. Hair and skin that is free of pollutants.

4: Softened water can provide sparkling glasses and less scale in tubs, showers, pipes, and sinks. It results in less clogging and prolongs the home’s life of appliances and lines by up to 25%.

5: Carbon filters effectively eliminate chlorine, chloramines, and odor. Filtered water is less corrosive and improves pH levels, prolonging the lifespan of fixtures in the home. It’s not just about preventing rust-colored stains on dishwashers, sinks, tubs, and toilets; it also makes you softer and brighter and lasts longer in clothes. The result is pure drinking water devoid of chemicals for the entire family.

Are You Still Unsure?

It would be preferable if you had a state-approved lab perform a certified water test. You must receive a certificate that lists any contaminants in your water and their concentrations. Many companies offer on-site water testing, but these tests must be certified and have an error margin.

Ottawa Plumbing Service provides complete water treatment solutions, including whole-home system installations. Call us at (613)317-1682 and email us at for more information.

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