How Do You Install a Bidet

Feb 21, 2023

Why Should You Install a Bidet?

There’s no way to describe it. Bidets are fixtures in the plumbing that get designed to spray water onto your bottom to wash it. There’s no need to use toilet paper. If you suffer from skin allergies, hemorrhoids, or any other condition requiring a bidet, it’s more comfortable than toilet paper.

Bidets are alternative toilet paper used to wash our hands after using the toilet. They get usually located next to or close to your toilet. They can be:

  • More effective than toilet paper
  • Much more economical than toilet paper.
  • More sustainable than toilet paper

What Is the Reason Bidets Green and Cost-Effective?

Toilet paper can get described as a one-use product. Even toilet paper made of recycled materials could be more eco-friendly since it has only one purpose. Toilet paper is also expensive depending on the number of people who live in your house. The ongoing costs add up.

A study of the environment revealed that less water gets used in a bidet than the method used for producing toilet paper.

While the toilet paper trend has waned, it has opened up the eyes of many to the benefits and practicality of the bidet. They’re not just environmentally friendly and cost-effective; but also highly hygiene-friendly. When people can get over the stigma of the bidet, we’ll be able to consider them in the same manner they are embraced in other countries.

How Do You Install Bidets?

To ensure public health, there is a necessity to have bidets and bidets set up by a licensed plumber who has the proper Backflow Prevention Device tested and installed. Without a properly installed BPD, fecal matter could be introduced into and contaminate our water supply, which can cause infections in our communities.

Legal requirements for bidet installations require them to connect to a public water supply and be performed by licensed plumbers. An authorized plumber can provide you with a compliance certification after completing your Bidet installation, giving you confidence that your device has to get installed properly.

What Do You Think of Bidet Products?

If you decide to purchase a bidet product, ensure that the product that you purchase is certified by an authorized WaterMark certification and a license number. Otherwise, your plumber will need to be more capable of installing it.

Who Can Install My Bidet?

Remarkably, people can create DIY projects, but the setup of Bidet products must get left to certified plumbing experts. Only licensed plumbers can legally install your bidet or bidet-related development in Ottawa.

Suppose you need help deciding what bidet to get or what bidet would fit your bathroom. Ottawa Plumbing Service has licensed plumbers with experience in Bidet Installations and will install and supply your bidet. In that case, we’ll offer assistance from our plumbers, certified on the best bidet for your needs and budget.

What Are Alternatives There for Toilet Paper?

Toilet paper gets made specifically to degrade quickly in sewer systems. But there is no safe substitute when it comes to flushing toilet paper. Regardless of whether the wipes are labeled flushable, flushing them down the toilet can damage your plumbing, contribute to clogged sewers, and be expensive to fix.

Are You Looking to Install the Bidet or Bidet Product?

If you require installing a Bidet or Bidet product, Ottawa Plumbing Service can be your preferred Ottawa-certified plumber. Contact us at (613) 317-1682 or mail at

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