How Long Do Toilets Last?

Jan 3, 2023

If the toilet in your home makes you uncomfortable, you’ll have some tough choices. If you decide to repair and replace the toilet, consider the age of your porcelain throne.

If the toilet was present when you first moved into your new home, you might not be aware of its age. To determine the age of a toilet, remove the lid from the toilet’s tank and flip it upside down. Numerous manufacturers mark the date on the top. Look for dates in the water line if you can’t locate the date.

Toilets last about 10 to 15 years. They’re certainly able to last longer. Still, most toilets show signs of age as time passes.

When Do I Need to Replace My Toilet?

If your toilet is leaking, continuously has issues, or you’re experiencing an increase in the cost of water, It’s the right time to think about the possibility of a replacement for your toilet.

Here are some signs it’s time to upgrade your toilet:

Toilet Clogs Too Easily

Clogs commonly occur every time, and you can clear the drainpipe and then move ahead. However, it’s a different story if you’re experiencing constant blockages.

If your toilet is prone to clogging, doesn’t flush, or isn’t flowing, the issue may get caused by mineral deposits. It’s commonplace around Ottawa as our water gets contaminated with minerals that accumulate in our pipes, which can damage the internal functioning of our toilets.

Age could also be at fault. Because of the poor design of toilets, older toilets tend to get clogged more quickly.

Toilets Require Too Many Repairs

Are your toilet repair bills adding up? If you’ve got a toilet making weird sounds one day, your toilet is running without a trace the next day, and you have to call a plumber more often than you’d prefer.

If this is the situation, installing a new toilet is the best option. Considering the costs of regular repairs versus replacing your toilet, you’ll buy a new toilet!

Toilets Aren’t Secure

Sitting on a wobbling toilet is uncomfortable and potentially unsafe.

There are many reasons a toilet becomes unstable. It is because any movement damages the wax seal and permits water to seep into the gap. If the issue gets not addressed, it can lead to significant repairs.

Suppose this has become a common problem for you. In that case, someone could have installed your toilet improperly, or the flooring beneath the toilet has experienced water damage. Get a plumber to inspect the problematic toilet and analyze the situation. They’ll advise you on whether restoration repairs are required and if it’s cheaper to replace the entire toilet as part of the work.

Toilet Gets Cracked

The majority of homeowners don’t know that cracks in the toilet can be a sign of trouble. If you find cracks, get recommended to get your entire toilet replaced. However, it cannot be relied upon to support the burden of the toilet tank, the water, or the person who uses it. Even the hairline cracks could cause significant damage to the water over time, and we recommend replacement immediately.

Toilet Upgrade Is Needed

If you have old bathroom fixtures within your home, they are likely rectangular. However, even the most basic contemporary toilets get designed with an ergonomic oval shape. It’s necessary to upgrade or replace your old toilet for better comfort.

Modern toilets can also help keep your water bills under control. Have you noticed the dual flush toilets? They get built with efficiency at the forefront. They feature two buttons that perform different types of flush. One button flushes the liquid waste out of your system in a single stroke. At the same time, the other one uses more water to manage solid waste.

In addition, there are several high-tech upgrades to consider. From air dryers to bidets and heated seats, newer toilets allow you to take advantage of some very innovative features.

Professional Plumbing and Toilet Service in Ottawa

Toilets are essential components of our homes, and any indication of malfunction can impact everyone in the family. Whatever your plumbing requirements are, whether easy or complex emergency repair, such as toilet repair, you’ll be confident in the helpful, professional experts of Ottawa Plumbing Service. Please get in touch with us at (613) 317-1682 and email us at

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