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Interior waterproofing is considered superior to exterior waterproofing due to these three reasons:
  1. Becomes the method of choice in situations of limited exterior access to the basement wall.
  2. If the problem is identified as hydrostatic pressure characterized by ground water seeping through the concrete slab or at the junction of the floor and the wall. Hydrostatic pressure problems will be caused by presence of an underground creek beneath the home.
  3. It is more cost effective where living areas are unfinished.
The interior waterproofing procedure

A channel, one foot wide, is cut into the concrete floor on the inside perimeter of the basement wall until the footing is reached.


Weeping tiles are then installed and are connected to the sump pump or floor drain.


The dimpled waterproof membrane is then fixed to the entire wall right from the ceiling to the bottom of the channel.


The weeping tiles are then covered using gravel.


To finish the process, the channel is filled back with concrete and finished off to the original state.

Interior waterproofing allows for the addition of drainage to the inside of the home. It will help to route the water inflow to a chosen discharge point. The drainage system will intercept water from under the footings and any seepage through the wall.

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