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Why Should Leaky Faucets Be Fixed?

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It is rare to think about the water we drink and use every day without ever wondering how it got there. Water comes from many different sources, but some are more interesting than others: faucets in your kitchen or bathroom might be one you never noticed before – that’s because they’re part of your plumbing system! And don’t forget all those outdoor spouts as well. Leaking waste precious drinking resources, but left unchecked, water leaks can lead directly to larger problems down the line.

These problems include:

High water bills
Leaky faucets can waste up to 20 gallons of water a day, which will add up quickly. Left unchecked, this could become an expensive problem for you in no time at all.

Floor damage
You should be aware that water can seep through a leak in the base of your faucet, damaging both wood below and any floor covering. Standing water can cause severe damage, mold, and mildew growth.

Ceiling damage
Leaks under the upstairs faucet of your house can lead to water stains on ceilings below or worse. In extreme cases, a portion of an entire room might collapse if it gets wet enough and you don’t find out until it’s too late!

It doesn’t matter how expensive or how good your faucet is. Eventually, it will start leaking or dripping. The most common causes of leaky or dripping faucets include:

  • A Damaged Cartridge
  • Broken Washers
  • Water Pressure
  • Malfunctioning O-Ring
  • Deteriorated Valve Seat
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