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Blocked or Clogged Toilets

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When toilets are clogged, you hear a ‘gurgle’ sound instead of the expected ‘whoosh’ sound when you flush. Sometimes you realize the toilet bowl begins to fill with water after flushing instead of emptying. These are signs that you are staring at a clogged toilet. 

The following are some of the reasons why your toilet may be clogged:

  • Weak flush
  • Presence of non-flushable items like sanitary wipes in the toilet drain 
  • Hard water build-up, scum, and sludge in the toilet drain
  • Old and slow septic systems
  • Blocked S-trap
  • Malfunctioning flapper
  • Little water in the tank
  • Improperly installed toilet 

Toilet clogging is not a strange occurrence, but it can be avoided by following best practice toilet use and maintenance tips. When the mess happens, a plunger becomes an ideal tool to clear the clog and get your toilet flushing again. Sometimes we use chemicals or home remedies to remove clogs from the toilet drains.  

You are, however, advised to find help from professional plumbers when you use the plunger and other home remedies, but still, your toilet won’t flush. Ottawa plumbers have experienced technicians who use advanced technology to find and fix even the most stubborn toilet clogs. 

Some of the advanced plumbing and unclogging technology used by our plumbers at Ottawa Plumbing Service include: 

Camera inspection
Plumbers at Ottawa plumbing use powerful cameras to remove the guesswork from their unclogging services. They send these cameras down the drain to identify the problem of using the appropriate unclogging technology to clear your toilet drain. 

Drain Snakes or Auger
A drain snake is a powerful industrial device that can go deep down the drain, coil around the clogs, and take out even the most challenging and most stubborn obstructions 

 Hydro Jetting 
This is a method used to supplement drain snakes. When clogged drains are hydro-jetted with high water pressure, all the clogs along the drain are completely wiped.  

Ottawa Plumbing is Ottawa’s go-to plumbing company with fully certified professional plumbers. Call us today to benefit from our latest technology to resolve even the most stubborn toilet clogging problems.

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