Signs That You Need A New Sump Pump

Mar 12, 2021

Signs That You Need A New Sump Pump

Are you a Ottawa homeowner? If yes, then there are high chances you have a basement in your house. It is always essential to prepare your sump pump for the spring season because of the excessive water from thawing that can occur.

A well installed sump pump will keep your home dry, clean, and safe. Therefore, it is vital to check if your sump pump is failing. For the Ottawa residents, take a step of contacting our plumbers to help assess if your sump pump is in good working order.

Common Indicators That You Need A Sump Pump Upgrade

The following signs are a sign that your sump pump needs replacement:

A dry System

Presence of water in the pit is essential for the sump pump to function. Therefore, a dry system is an indication that there is an issue with the nature of the system installation, its current connection or a problem with your drainage system.

A constantly running pump

Weather conditions will affect whether a sump pump should be active or not. If it runs continuously, then there may be a problem. A continuously running sump pump will eventually lead to system breakdown. Therefore, it is vital to address it promptly.

A constant cycle of turning on and off

There is a problem with the sump pump if it continuously turns on and off. It may be a sign of a float switch issue, a power issue or an indication that you need to replace the sump pump in your home.

An excessive amount of noise

A sump pump that never goes completely silent is an indication of a potential problem with the motor. Therefore, you should always listen for any grinding, thuds, rattling, and any other alarming noise in the sump pump.

Old age

It is obvious that no machine can run forever. You should expect to get around 10 years of service from a good sump pump. If you notice any of the above issues from an old sump pump, it may be time for a replacement.

Make sure to maintain your sump pump properly or replace it when necessary. At Ottawa Plumbing Service we can provide the best sump pump solution for your home.

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