Ten Indices That Your Sump Pump Needs Fixing

Mar 7, 2023

A small amount of moisture in your basement may be tempting to ignore. Finding the issue early, particularly regarding plumbing, can be challenging. However, there are plenty of indicators of a sump pump that need to get repaired. However, even minor issues can lead to extensive and costly repairs. A basement with water damage is easy to avoid, and you can do it by observing the following warning indicators.

Alert Signs of the Failure of the Sump Pump

1: Strange Noises

An impeller’s only sound is a steady low sound, but when it begins making strange and loud noises, it’s time to repair it. The sound of grinding or rattling could indicate something is going on with the impeller or fan.

2: Inability to turn off

If your sump does not turn on, it could be due to one of a variety of reasons. It may break and could be the cause. Check first for whether the float switch has become stuck since it could get stuck within your sump basin. There are brackets on some sump pumps that support the float switch. If neither solution can resolve the issue, it’s time to replace the pump.

3: The Pump Runs Continuously

If you begin to notice your sump’s cycle is constant, this could mean several issues. It may be because it’s not strong enough to deal with all the water accumulating, or it might be a problem with the switch. Switch problems are usually the most common cause for an engine that runs indefinitely and can get resolved by a simple sump pump repair. If your sump pump’s size is too small, you’ll have to replace it.

4: Constant vibrating

A sump pump that is vibrating too much could be an indication of an impeller that is damaged. The impeller, responsible for drawing liquid into the pump, could also attract particles. A bent impeller cannot get repaired, Unfortunately. If your sump impeller has bent, it will have to get replaced.

5: Infrequent Usage

While limiting the usage of a sump pump is generally a good idea, it can significantly reduce the pump’s lifespan. Regularly testing your sump pump in the middle of heavy rains is a great way to spot any potential issues.

6: Visible Rust

Suppose you notice rust in your sump pump. In that case, this may result from a corroded battery or a bacterial infection, which could, in certain instances, when left untreated will, eventually cause blockages in your pipes. If you notice the appearance of rust, your sump pump requires repair right away. Your sump pump works by utilizing water, meaning it has to manage corrosion.

7: Old Age

As with other major appliances, such as your water heater or furnace, it gets not made to last for long; however, if well-maintained, the sump will begin to break into pieces over time. When your sump has become significantly over seven years old, it’s the right time to replace it.

8: Motor Issues

If the sump ceases to function thoroughly, there may be a problem related to the motor. Motors that don’t work could be damaged wiring, the device gets somehow disconnected, or it has tripped an electrical circuit breaker. The malfunctioning engine might also indicate a damaged filter or an extension hose that cannot effectively rid the system of water.

9: There Is No Water in the Sump Pit

If your sump appears to function normally but finds nothing in your pit, you must repair your pump. A sump pump running with a dry hole generally indicates a problem with the installation or the sump pump gets not connected to the drain system.

10: Tripped Circuits

The sump pump gets powered by electricity. However, it should not cause a trip to the circuit breaker unless there’s an issue. A sump pump that constantly triggers the circuit breaker can result from a defective switch, damaged wiring, or a weak power source. However, a licensed plumbing professional can determine the issue’s precise cause.

Whatever your plumbing requirements are, from an easy or complex emergency repair, or installing an entirely new sump pump, you’ll be able to count on the professional and friendly staff from Ottawa Plumbing Service. Call our trusted Ottawa plumbers today at (613) 317-1682 or email info@ottawaplumbingservice.com.

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