The Advantages of a Water Filtration System

Dec 2, 2022

Clean, running water is a luxury often overlooked even by those who have never had problems with access to water. Although the water treatment plant treats the water we use to wash our homes, it might not be as clean as we imagine.

Installing a water filtering system is a fantastic option to ensure that the water your family consumes or cooking with and taking showers is as safe as possible. It is both practical and cost-effective. The cost has to get drastically decreased since residential options get first made available, which is excellent for homeowners who are budget conscious.

Type of Water Filtration Systems

Typically homes with water filtration systems are available in three choices. When researching, homeowners must consider whether they want to utilize a localized filter, like in the kitchen plumbing, or a system that covers the entire home.

Activated Carbon 

The activated carbon system is the most affordable choice. It is the most popular in residential homes because of its low cost and easy installation. The water passes by the carbon-activated filter, and chemicals, parasites, and heavy metals get eliminated. Most of these filters are located in the kitchen and can get set up without much Ottawa plumbing expertise.

While they are a less expensive option but need more care, filters must replace more often since they become ineffective after three months. While they’re not costly but the cost of maintenance is something to consider.

Cation Exchange Water Filters

Cation exchange filters can get referred to under a variety of names. Still, the most common is that they are called water softeners. They are a complete home system ideal for homeowners searching for a solution to influence all water entering their house.

This system uses positively charged ions to draw particles with negative charges, such as calcium and barium. Calcium can lead to the pipes corroding prematurely and leaving behind an unpleasant taste. Calcium can lead to the lines rusting prematurely and leaving behind an unpleasant taste. When exposed for a long time to barium, it can be highly damaging to organs in internal.

Reverse Osmosis

In-home water filtration systems and reverse osmosis have to get deemed the top line. It is a whole-home system that pumps water through a semi-permeable membrane at pressure. Most of these filters repeat the process 5 to 6 times before water is allowed to enter the house.

Reverse osmosis filtering can eliminate 99% harmful pathogens, bacteria, and heavy metals. Higher efficiency comes with a price increase, but they are an investment in the safety and health of your plumbing system. More complex designs will require plumbing installation and replacement, and you should choose the plumber Ottawa people trust and know.

The Benefits of Home Water Filtration Systems

Whatever system you choose to put within your home, the advantages are worth the cost. Suppose you want to reduce your carbon footprint, promote healthy living, or lower your expenses. In that case, there are plenty of ways that homeowners could gain.

1: Safe Drinking Water

Water treatment facilities can do an excellent job of eliminating all harmful chemicals and bacteria from our drinking water. However, they could be more foolproof. The water can be contaminated along the space between the treatment facility and the house, making your family to a host of health issues. Water will not only be safe to drink or cook with, and it’ll taste better.

2: Environmental Impact

Single-use plastics pose a significant problem we’re yet to resolve. Refilling reusable water bottles or tumblers prior outing is a fantastic option to reduce the environmental impact. Installing a water filtering system in your home could drastically reduce your family’s carbon footprint.

3: Cost Savings

Each of the water bottles mentioned is available at a higher cost. Installing a water filtering system is an initial purchase, but it will eventually be able to pay for itself. Take into consideration that a family drinking two bottles of water each day will have annual costs reach $500. The water bottles just mentioned having a high price.

4: Health Benefits Added

Water that is hard or not filtered has harmful effects on our bodies, even if get not consumed. A filtering system will significantly assist residents who experience itchy skin problems like eczema or psoriasis.

Minerals and chemicals added to water during treatment are usually responsible for these typical problems. They block soap from working, which can cause skin irritations such as allergic reactions or rashes. As time passes, deposits can accumulate while washing your clothes.

5: Reducing the Plumbing Problems

Many people awake each day hoping to tackle plumbing issues. The addition of chemical compounds to water could cause it to become acidic. If this happens, carbon dioxide may build up in your pipes, leading to corrosion. These harmful chemicals are removed from the water purification system and create an improved pH in the water supply to your home. It can reduce Ottawa’s plumbing expenses in the long term.

Finding a Plumber in Ottawa

Are you considering the possibility of water filtration systems for your home but need help figuring out where to begin? Consult with the Ottawa Plumbing Service. Our experts will assist you with the many choices, prices, and timeframes for installation. We can also advise what you should avoid and what we have found successful across Ottawa. Call our team at (613) 317-1682 or mail us at today.

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