How Many Years Does a Water Heater Last?

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March 10, 2019

How Many Years Does a Water Heater Last?


Ugh! There’s nothing worse than getting into a shower and finding out there’s no hot water…especially when on an Ottawa winter’s day. It can be a real bummer not to have access to hot water in your sinks as well.

Over the years, you may experience problems with your water heater, and you may need repairs to ensure that it is functioning properly. However, after some time the water heater will have to be replaced completely.

Read on to find out how long a water heater lasts and signs you can look for to determine whether it needs to be replaced.

How Long Does a Water Heater Last?

In general, water heaters last from 8-12 years. If you care for it correctly, you may be able to get a couple more years of use. Here are some maintenance tips for getting your water heater to last as long as possible.

  • Flush the Water Heater Once a Year: Check the manufacturer’s instructions for the correct procedure for draining your water heater. This will be a valuable step in prolonging the lifespan.
  • Check the Anode Rod and Replace It If It’s Corroded: The anode rod hangs in the tank and works to prevent rust inside the tank. It should be checked once a year when the tank is drained. If it is corroded, it will corrode the water inside the tank, so it is best to change it to prevent further damage.
  • Insulate the Hot Water Tank: If you wrap your water heater in a blanket of insulation, it will improve its efficiency by 40%. This will result in a considerable savings on your utility bills and an increased lifespan.

What are Some Signs that I Need to Get a New Water Heater?

Even with the proper maintenance, a new water heater will be necessary at some point. Here are some signs that will let you know that you should start shopping around.

  • Rust and Corrosion: Rust and corrosion may appear on the outside of the tank or in the water itself. If you start to see signs of rust, it is best to replace the heater.
  • The Drain Valve Doesn’t Drain Water: Over time, sediment build up occurs. When it accumulates in the drain valve of the heater, it can clog the valve and even break the interior of tank. Flushing your drain will minimize build up but after a while, it will get to a point where this no longer works and the heater will have to be replaced.
  • The Water Heater is Leaking: Once a water heater starts leaking it can rarely be repaired.
  • Water is Not as Hot Used to Be: If you are noticing your water heater isn’t making your water hot enough, it’s a sign your heater is not as efficient as it used to be. In some cases, changing the dip stick can solve this problem but most of the time a replacement will be necessary.

Finding the Best Plumbers for Your Water Heater Replacement

If it is looking like your water heater needs t be replaced, Ottawa Plumbing Service is the one to call. We will take a look at your water heater to make sure a replacement is necessary. If there is a repairable issue, we can fix it. If the heater needs to be replaced, we can help you find a unit that is best for you and our technicians can perform an installation that will guarantee your heater will stand up to the test of time.

Call Ottawa Plumbing Services for the very best in water heater service.