What You Should Know About Ottawa’s Sewer Line Maintenance, Repair, and Cleaning

Jan 3, 2023

A few home repairs are good to delay for a few days, but the repairs will worsen as you wait. Cleansing the sewers is just one of them.

Be prepared for major problems by scheduling regular sewer line maintenance and cleaning. We’ll explain the process to you, so you know what to expect from any scheduled maintenance or cleaning.

Wait, So Sewer Line Maintenance Is My Responsibility?

Yes. Many homeowners are shocked to learn that they’re responsible for the section of sewer lines between their home and the property line. From there, it’s the responsibility of the city to maintain and take care of the sewer lines that run under the street.

The sewer line you have is as vital just like your water line. However, you may have only learned that your property’s sewer line is yours to maintain.

The Way Sewer Line Cleaning Can Save You Money

Since sewer lines are buried beneath the ground, hidden from view, and unnoticed, homeowners frequently forget them. If you can’t see the issue, how do you know if something needs to get addressed?

The unnoticed damage that your sewer line may suffer could soon manifest in obvious ways in your home. Consider sewage smells, foul odors, backups, and even flooding. We’ll inform you of the significance of cleaning and repairing sewer lines and maintenance to prevent costly damage to your property.

What Is the Cause of Sewer Line Blockages and Clogs?

Sewer lines can become blocked by various dirt and debris. Understanding the types of waste or items that cause blockages will help you avoid making a costly error you’ll regret later.

Here’s a list of things that could cause obstructions and clogs, as well as strategies to prevent them

Roots of Tree

Roots of trees are the most common source of damage to sewer lines. They require only an area of water for growth, and their growth speed is swift, damaging the sewer lines at an alarming rate. Tree roots can be able to affect different sewer materials in different ways. Modern materials are typically not affected, whereas trees may severely injure older materials.


We all know dumping grease in the kitchen sink is not a good idea. However, leftovers of fat and oil from dirty dishes and occasionally even the kind we wash our hands with may continue to harden and build up and cause obstruction.

Large Portions of Food

Certain foods break down over time, but other foods don’t. The fact that a portion of food gets pushed into the sink doesn’t mean it will make it over the trap in the sink or go down the drain. Even with the faucet running to let water flow down as fast as possible but that might be insufficient to force down a massive amount of food.

Also, tiny fragments of food can lead to accumulation too. Foods that expand when wet, like rice, quinoa, Oats, grains, and other grains, may form a clump and cause obstructions.

“Flushable” Wipes

The wipes are flushable. There should be a mechanism to determine who decides get may be flushed. We respectfully disagree. They cause many issues because they don’t break down like toilet paper. They can cause sewer obstructions in Ottawa as well as in private sewers as well as in the sewers of the city.

Other Physical Objects

The best instance is toys. Disposable napkins, wads of high-quality toilet paper, and towels can easily clog up a sewer line. We wish you never to endure the agony of hearing your child recount all the Legos he attempted to flush through the toilet.

How Can I Tell If My Sewer Lines Are Needing Cleaning or Repair?

Being able to spot and detect the indications the sewer lines need cleaning can prevent further problems and expensive damages from occurring.

Here are some indications that you should get your sewer lines cleaned or repaired:

Your Sinks Drain Very Slowly

If we notice a slow-draining kitchen sink, it is common to think that pouring chemicals to clean the drain will eliminate the blockage. Chemical drain cleaners seem great in principle; however, they could end up harming the rest of our plumbing system. And most of the time, they don’t work. One of the do-it-yourself repairs that a professional should handle.

If you’re experiencing a minor issue, your plumber is in a position to get it out quickly. Suppose you’re dealing with something more significant. In that case, it will be a pleasure to call a professional for assistance instead of trying the DIY solution.

There are two ways to go for drain cleaning. One method is to use a high-pressure jet of water into the drain that has become blocked. The other option is when there is a blockage, which requires physically taking it out of the pipe.

Toilets with Gurgling

If you notice strange sounds emanating from your toilets, such as bubbling or gurgling, the chances are that your sewer line is slowing down. Bubbling and gurgling usually signal the possibility of a sewer backup. If your toilet is making strange noises after flushing, call your plumber as soon as possible.

Foul Odors That Smell Like Sewage

A clean sewer line that is in top form should be able to withstand the smell of sewage. But sewer systems are made to prevent the smell of sewage from coming to enter your home. Therefore the smell of sewage is a specific indicator that something isn’t right. Suppose you notice any unpleasant odors that get into your home. In that case, you should contact your plumber immediately, as this could signify a sewer backup.

You’ll be able to tell by the smell. The smell could range from a mild musty to a robust and spicy scent comparable to wet waste.

Toilets Backing Up

The toilet is among the most used fixtures in your house, so the possibility of a blocked toilet is enough. However, it’s more difficult when you have only one bathroom.

It could indicate something easy to repair, like an obstruction in your toilet, or something more severe such as an obstruction in your drain or damage to the sewer line.

If your toilet is overflowing with raw sewage, switch off the water source at the back of the bathroom as soon as you notice it.

Swimming Pools Water Inside the Yard

It could be an issue in your sewer lines if you notice low water areas or have soft spots in your yard. That could result from water from your sewer line working through the soil.

Make a point of walking through your backyard and looking for pools or puddles of water. Listen to the sounds of soil that is moist as you move.

The Growth of Mold on Your Walls

A pipe that gets cracked could allow water to leak through the wall. That can increase the humidity in your home and could result in the growth of mold.

Sometimes, you don’t have to see the mold to recognize it’s there. It’s possible that you can already feel it. The inhalation of mold is hazardous and could cause health issues, making this something you should take care of and resolve immediately for the benefit of your health and that of your family.

Whenever there’s an issue with the basement, it could create a big mess before anyone notices if there’s an alarm for water that goes off when it becomes wet. It’s likely unclear what that sound is, but eventually, you’ll realize why your drain is back up, even before it’s created the mess! Yay! Most of us only have a few hours in our basements.

What to Expect When Calling Us for Help

Our goal in the Ottawa area is to provide high customer service. Our concern for your home, your family, and our work is sincere. Our technicians get always held to the highest standards. We are introducing Ottawa Plumbing Service. We offer the broadest range of plumbing services in the greater Ottawa area. Everything from little fixes to replacing pipes and plumbing fixtures is covered. You may reach our dependable Ottawa plumbers at (613) 317-1682 or email info@ottawaplumbingservice.com.

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