Why Doesn’t My Toilet Flush Correctly?

Feb 3, 2023

The toilet has to get flushed, and you’ve pressed the button, expecting to hear an ominous sound from the toilet flushing, and then realize that something’s not quite right. You’re free to pinch yourself any time you want, but it will not get you out of this nightmare of a toilet that isn’t working correctly. We’re aware of the fear caused by the toilet not flushing correctly, so we’ve compiled the most frequent reasons why you may suffer from this situation.

Water Get Shut Off

If you are about to panic, it’s good to conduct an innocent test. Are the water valves to the toilet switched on? If the valve shuts off, you may get left with a depleted cistern!

What’s happening with the mains water supply? Are any projects in your neighborhood that could indicate that it’s getting shut off temporarily?

If none of the above is the case, then it’s time to investigate.

Insufficient Water in the Cistern

The most accessible place to inspect for a toilet that isn’t flushing is the cistern or the toilet tank. What is the level of water? A toilet tank with an insufficient water supply will have only an unreliable flush.

You’ll find an indication of water inside many cisterns to indicate the point at which the water will fill up. Anything less than this, your toilet will experience problems flushing down.

When you push the toilet button, the water in the cistern slowly drains to the toilet bowl. That generates enough suction to pull all the waste from the bowl downwards and then out to the drainage system. A lack of water supply indicates insufficient suction for this to occur, giving you the unfortunate situation of an unflushed toilet.

That could be because of a malfunctioning float mechanism. As the name suggests, the float remains above the cistern’s water. When it reaches the desired level, it will block an inlet valve that lets water into your cistern.

It is possible to adjust the float arm so that less or more water gets into the cistern. Move the float arm, so it fills at the point of the fill!

The Chain or Flapper Is Damaged

Between your cistern and toilet bowl is the flapper or chain. When you flush your toilet, the flapper chain gets pulled upwards, which opens a drain so that the water from the cistern flows into the bowl and then flushes.

It doesn’t matter if your flapper chains are loose or tight. If the chain isn’t snug, the flapper cannot cover the drain correctly, and water could leak continuously into the toilet bowl. When the chain becomes loose or is even separated, your gutter can only be partially covered or not covered in any way! It will cause problems.

A broken chain or flapper gets fixed by replacing it.

You Have a Blocked Toilet

One of the main reasons your toilet isn’t flushing is an obstruction. Although water can still pass through a blocked area, it gets passed through slower and with more significant difficulties. It could even result in an unfinished flush or for water to get back to the bottom of the bowl.

What’s more unpleasant than a toilet that’s clogged? If a toilet overflows because you flushed it more than once, ensure to only wash it once.

You can try sloshing into the toilet; however, that will only solve the problem for a short time. As clearing blocked toilets is our priority, we suggest using an experienced and licensed plumber like the ones with Ottawa Plumbing Services. Our equipment and expertise will eliminate that annoying blockage and protect you from further blockages while you’re at it!

It is possible to ensure that you don’t get into a scenario where your toilet will not flush by ensuring that you are only flushing a toilet with the three Ps: pee, poop, and toilet paper!

The Build-Up Around the Toilet Bowl

Have you ever given your bowl a thorough clean? If this gets not cleaned correctly, you might experience a strong flush as water struggles to flow from the cistern into the bowl. If the bowl gets appropriately cleaned, you may suffer from a weak color as water works to move from the cistern to the bowl.

The problem is easy to fix. It’s all you need are toilet cleaners as well as a brush, and a little time! Find the lip of the bowl, where water is flushed out using the brush, giving it a thorough scrub.

Experts in Toilet Flushing

Call (613) 317-1682 or email us at info@ottawaplumbingservice.com to reach Ottawa Plumbing Services, and we’ll send a skilled plumber to handle your issue.

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