Common Plumbing Mistakes

Mar 12, 2021

Common Plumbing Mistakes

Plumbing difficulties are inevitable.  Somewhere along the line a pipe will get clogged or a pipe will break.  Sometimes it is as simple as an annoying drip that you simply need to see to.  If it is the worse scenario like water gushing from an appliance, you need to act quickly to prevent as much damage as possible.

Cut the Water Off – The first step is to find that valve or knob that controls the water at its source.  That will solve an immediate problem.  Then you can start to remove the standing water to help with damage control.  It will also make the repairs easier for the plumber since they won’t be wading through standing water.

Outdoor Hoses – When you hear the forecast of falling temperatures, you are probably thinking about how to dress your children for the next day or moving plants indoors.  It is easy to overlook disconnecting your garden hoses or turning off the outdoor spigots.  If there is water inside the pipes and the temperatures are below freezing, that water will, in turn, freeze inside the pipes.  That frozen water will expand.  The pipes will not be able to withstand that pressure and they will burst.  The small act of disconnecting outdoor hoses can save you the agony of a leak between the walls or floors or a flooded basement.

Drain Cleaner – If you have a slow moving drain or suspect a clog, you will probably simply use a commercial drain cleaner to solve the issue.  These cleaners can be potent and pipes are not indestructible.

Always read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use.  If the use of a drain cleaner has not solved your problem, you may need to contact a plumber to find the source.  It can be tree roots impeding the flow.  It could also be some toy or household item that has been dropped down a toilet.

At Ottawa Plumbing Service we have the equipment like industrial-quality snakes to carefully dislodge any foreign objects.  We also have the expertise to discover the ultimate cause and recommend appropriate solutions.

Exceeding your own abilities – Everyone has skills and abilities, but they do not extend to all areas of life.  If you are not especially handy or are uncertain of your capabilities, you may want to simply hire the services of a qualified plumber.

If the project becomes very involved, you will need to spend time and money on tools and parts.  It can also become physically taxing.  If it will involve disconnecting pipes, especially major pipes, you should consider calling Ottawa Plumbing Service in the beginning.

Using our services you are receiving qualified plumbers, not just a handyman who may or may not be fully versed in the repair procedures.  In the long run you will be saving money and frustration and possibly a larger problem.

Best Local Plumbers

When you find the need for the services of a good plumber, just call Ottawa Plumbing Service.  We will have one of our professionals discuss your needs and, if possible, offer a quote over the phone.  Generally we prefer to assess the entire situation and are happy to dispatch a plumber to look at your situation and offer solutions.

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