Repairing Frozen Pipes

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In Ottawa, frozen pipes are a common occurrence.

You need to turn off the main water supply until one of our expert plumbers arrive. They can assess the damage and start the thawing process on the frozen pipes.

If you have partial water service, it may indicate that a pipe is frozen somewhere in the house. A completely lost water service can be an indicator of a frozen water meter or maybe even a frozen pipe coming from the water main.

It is very important to unthaw the pipe as soon as possible, since this will lessen the danger of pipes exploding. The leak that could come from the pipes exploding can cause significant property damage. If you have frozen pipes or you are concerned about them, please give up a call or email us today.

Do not allow the outside faucets freeze in the winter. You should detach your hoses before the freezing temperatures come in the fall. Then you need to close the shut off valve that leads to your outdoor faucet. Next open the outdoor faucets so the remaining water will drain.

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