Solution For A Clogged Drain

Are you trying to flush your toilet, take a shower or run water into your sinks, but the unthinkable happens? Is the water not going down the drain as required? If yes, then that is a sign of a clogged drain. But you need not to worry no more if these issues happen since I have the right answer in this article on how to handle them.

A clogged drain is an unavoidable issue that almost every homeowner can experience. Standing in the shower as the water slowly rises instead of it draining is an annoying situation that can make anyone cringe. However, calling our plumbers for help is an essential step you can make if you’re experiencing these circumstances in Ottawa, Ontario.

How to handle A clog

There are some things you need to avoid for proper handling of a drain clog. These are:

  1. Avoid Using A Chemical Cleaner

Most people like putting a chemical cleaner down their drain, claiming it is the cheapest method that promises a quick solution. However, you need to avoid this method because of the corrosive nature and lack of an “off” switch from these chemical cleaners. Chemical cleaners always sit in the drain and end up corroding the pipe.

  1. Avoid Using Homemade Tools

Many will homeowners will stick down various homemade tools into their drain hoping to dislodge or unearthing their clog. However, this is not the best method to use because it may cause other problems.

  1. Never Use Professional Tools

Yes, these tools play an essential role in handling a clog, but you should not use them if you’re not a professional plumbing. You may end up causing bigger issues without proper tool experience.

How To Prevent A Clog

You can easily avoid a clog if you:

  • Avoid fibrous materials such as corn husks and celery
  • Avoid putting coffee grounds down the drain
  • Avoid soap scum and any other material from clogging in the drain by using a drain catcher in the kitchen and shower drains
  • Avoid fat, oil, and grease

How Ottawa Plumbing Service Can Help You

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