Methods for Choosing the Best Basement Sump Pump

Jan 23, 2023

The most effective method of removing excess water from your crawl space is by using the help of a sump pump. Suppose you have a basement susceptible to flooding or a basement prone to flooding because of heavy rain. In that case, the sump pump is an essential device that draws the water out and delivers it to the nearby drain. There are many aspects to consider to select the best sump pumps for the house, such as the type, size, power supply installation, and drainage. Learn more about choosing the right sump pump to use in your basement.

About Sump Pumps

Sump pumps are activated by rising water. They will then automatically turn off to eliminate accumulated water in your crawl space. The water then flows to an adjacent drain or a well. While safeguarding your house from floods, sump also pumps aids in preventing the growth of mildew and mold and protecting your possessions. The following are reasons to upgrade or replace the sump pump.

  • You’re using an outdated pedestal sump pump.
  • The pump can get used for extended durations of time.
  • You can hear grinding or rattling sounds.
  • The pump gets turned on and off often.
  • The pump won’t start when it is supposed to.

Choosing the Right Sump

Sump Pump Design

There are two options in selecting the kind of sump pump to be used in your Ottawa home, pedestal or submersible. A pedestal sump pump gets set on a platform above water levels. They’re cheaper to purchase than submersible sump pumps. However, pedestal sump pumps generate more noise, are less efficient, and have more space than submersible pumps. Submersible pumps are smaller and more robust than pedestal sump pumps but are more expensive.


Sump pumps typically have ⅓ horsepower (HP). A ¼ HP or ⅓ HP sump pump should be adequate if you typically deal with a smaller amount of water. You might wish to use a ½ HP pump if your home is more susceptible to flooding.

Head Pressure

It would be best if you determined the height of your basement to determine the proper amount of head pressure on your sump pumps. Force is used to describing how high a sump pump must be to move water up to the ground level. It would be best if sump pumps, on average, could discharge water for about 10 feet. However, it would help if you talked with your plumber to determine which pressure head is best for your needs.

Manual or Automatic?

Most sump pumps get built to be turned on automatically through a floating valve. While the primary function of a sump pump might be clear enough to eliminate water in a controlled manner, some sump pumps have to get manually turned on. For ease of use and the goal of protecting any home or building from water damage, select the sump pump that switches on automatically.

Power Outlet

Ideally, you would like your sump pump near a wall outlet that GFCI protects. Using an extension cord when using the sump pump is not recommended. Therefore, select a sump with an extension cord sufficient to reach an outlet protected by GFCI. If you don’t have a GFCI-protected outlet close by, think about installing one.


Suppose you’re using a sump pump to serve commercial use. In that case, having an individual course with a greater voltage might be more beneficial. For domestic use for residential use, a standard 110-volt circuit will suffice.

Backup System

When a hurricane is severe enough to cause flooding in your home, It could be strong enough to shut off the power. Therefore, it’s essential to install a sump pump with an alarm and batteries as an alternative power source. With warnings, your sump pump will be worth the investment.

Professional Installation

A professional’s assistance may be necessary to install a sump pump correctly. It’s more complex than just plugging it in and switching it on. You’ll need the help of a professional to connect the sump to a well or drain, and if you’re planning to need a sump pump installed, you should leave it to professionals. You’ll require the help of a professional to connect the sump to a well or drain, and if you’re planning to need a sump pump installed, you should leave it to professionals. To ensure the highest quality results and save the home you live in from flood damage, talk with a plumbing professional to assist you in choosing and installing the best Sump Pump for your home.

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