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Sump Pumps eliminate the water that gather in the sump pit.

Sump pits are usually put in place in basements, crawl spaces underneath the home or garages and used to gather water in one place for easy drainage away from the home or building. Water can build up from drainage, high water table, or from a direct run off.

Replacing the Pumps

Sump pumps wear down over time so they will need to be replaced. This depends on how much the pump operates. It is very important that you test the sump pump regularly make sure that it will operate when the next large downpour occurs. You can test the sump pump by pouring a bucket of water in the pit. The pump needs to turn on, take away the water from the pit and shut off by itself within seconds.

Ejector Pumps

You could also have an ejector pump in the basement. This is intended to pump the sewage to the sewer directly above or even a septic field.

This will have two pipes that come out of a closed cover. One of the pipes is the pump discharge to the sewer and the other is to vent. Usually this is going through the roof.

If you are replacing the existing system or installing a new system, we have available a full line of the primary and battery operated backup sump pumps.

Backup Sump Pumps – Battery and Electrical

Your primary sump pump may fail and having a backup sump pump is a great way to make sure that your house will not flood. If the power goes out, then a battery operated backup sump pump can keep working to protect your basement from flooding.

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