Replace a Damaged Sump Pump: What to Do If Your Sump Pump Fails

Dec 28, 2022

Many people in Ottawa recognize that the area is susceptible to flooding. The water level within your yard can rise if it rains heavily or when the snow melts. It could cause significant damage to your house even if you do not have an emergency flood control system such as a sump pump installed. You’ll need a robust and reliable sump pump.

When your pump makes loud sounds, don’t be alarmed! In this blog, we’ll discuss the steps to take when your sump pump is failing and the best way to get an exchange for your sump pump.

What Does a Sump Pump Do and What Is It?

The sump pump is a device that assists in draining water from your basement and crawlspace.

Sump pumps get typically utilized in areas vulnerable to flooding or a very high water table. Most sump pumps get made of stainless steel, which is resistant to corrosion.

The new pump installation occurs at the lowest point of your home or the sump pump pit. A modern pump uses a solid motor to pump water out of the house and away from the foundation, preventing floods.

Pedestal Sump Pumps

The sump pumps get installed on top of the concrete floor of your basement. Although they are easy to maintain, their installation requires more space in your house.

Submersible Sump Pumps

A submersible sump pump gets placed in a basin covered with water. Because it gets immersed in water, the need for replacement occurs more frequently than with a vertical sump pump. It is less noisy and effective in keeping basements dry.

Warning Signs Your Old Sump Pump May Be Fail

There are a variety of indicators that your sump pump is not working correctly. If you observe one of the following reasons, it’s the right time to replace a sump pump.

  • The pump is not receiving electricity
  • Motor not starting
  • The pump needs to be effectively removing water from the system
  • Your crawlspace or basement may have water damage
  • The float switch is at the “on” position
  • Damage has got done to the impeller

Most house sump pumps require replacing after ten years of use. If you spot any of these indicators, it’s time to get in touch with an expert plumber to install the new sump pump.

Troubleshooting a Sump Pump

The pump you have now may require an upgrade. If you need help determining whether your house needs an updated sump pump, look at these tricks and tips before replacing your sump pump.

Check the Power Supply

Suppose your sump pump stops working; you must examine the power source. The new sump pumps can only work if they’re receiving power. A power outage or a disconnect from a pump, or an unplugged unit could cause a pump to cease to function.

After checking the power, restart the pump by flipping the switch on and hitting the reset button. If the pump continues not to start, it could need a replacement.

Replace the Batteries

When your sump pump has stopped running, you might require a replacement battery. If the batteries have worn out or are damaged, they might need to provide more power to your pump.

Examine your check valve to determine if the pump is operating. A sump pump that is mighty power can cause exhaustion of the motor or battery because of its continuous run. In this situation, it gets recommended to have the old pump repaired.

Test the Float Switch

Also, you should look at the float switch and ensure it’s not in its “on” place. The float switch tells the pump to turn on when the water level rises.

When the switch for float has become stuck, the pump will only be able to shut off. If this happens, changing the sump pump inside your home is recommended.

Inspect Impeller

There could be an issue with the impeller. Impellers are the component of the pump that circulates the water. The damaged impeller won’t be able to move water, and the pump will cease to function. It is possible to change the sump pump if it has a damaged impeller.

Check Valve

When replacing a sump pump, disconnect it from the drain pipe. Be sure to attach the check valve to the discharge line. If the installation on the drain pipe didn’t complete correctly, there could be a backflow of water that could loosen the motor shaft. And not pump any water from your discharge pipe. In this situation, you’ll require the replacement of your sump pump.

Regular Maintenance for Your Sump Pumps

To stop your sump pump from breaking, you should examine it to ensure it’s functioning.

You should also have an alternative power source for your sump pump during a power outage. Consider adding a backup battery sump pump if you live in a region where flooding and storms get expected.

Debris in the sump pump’s unit could cause a blockage. Check the valve on the sump pump and remove the pump motor to prevent clogging.

Sump pumps are an essential element of your plumbing system. It gets used to drain water from your crawlspace or basement.

When to Call for a Sump Pump Repair

A damaged sump pump could cause significant damage to your house’s water if it gets fixed. Our experts can determine whether your sump pumps are operating correctly.

Installing your sump pump is a great option to reduce costs. However, installing a new pump is challenging to accomplish by yourself.

In Ottawa Plumbing Service, we will concentrate on the most economical method to repair a sump pump within your home. If you are experiencing problems with your sump pump, call our professionals at (613) 317-1682 or email us at

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