What Causes Home Sewer Backups?

Nov 24, 2022

Thinking about it is not enjoyable. However, plumbing and sewage problems, such as sewage backups, can occur anytime and in any home. Backup drains may be located in a single fixture or spread across several. Suppose the problem gets restricted to a single basin or one tub or toilet backed up. In that case, it could be a blockage in the specific drain. If, however, each flush creates the possibility of a sewer backup throughout the house, there is probably an obstruction in your main sewer line. When we receive requests from residents in Ottawa who require assistance in diagnosing and fixing their sewer issue, it is usually three of the following.

Solid Objects in the Drain Line

Most sewer clogs can get avoided by regular maintenance and proper usage of your drains. Here are some tips to ensure that your sewer line stays free of obstructions:

  • Do not place trash in the toilet – To flush toilet tissue! If it is dissolved slowly in water, don’t flush it. Even stuff like napkins, face tissues, paper towels, feminine hygiene products, diapers, and other things that say they are flushable clog your toilet.
  • Use your garbage disposal intelligently – Do not dump large quantities of any item into your garbage disposal, as it can get stuck in your sewer line. It might cut into pieces, but it’s still solid and could end up within the pipes.
  • Do not flush grease down the drain – Fat and grease, even though they might be liquid when poured down your drain, may harden within your plumbing, accumulating debris and causing a difficult removal clog.

The experts in plumbing from Ottawa Plumbing Service can help you unblock the main sewer line and find ways to prevent it from happening in the future.

Roots of Tree

Another cause for backups in your home is the roots of trees. Even though there are no trees above your sewer line, your sewer problem may get caused by seeds growing in a neighbor’s yard. Tree roots can create numerous issues for sewer lines. They may grow into pipes, causing blocks and holes, and act as a net that can catch toilet paper. They can get caught in the sewer line and then crush it.

Broken or Collapsed Sewer Lines

If your home in the Ottawa area is older, the sewer backup may result from cracks or broken or collapsed pipes. It can eventually deteriorate and cause problems with drainage. While plastic sewer pipes get often used, older homes get built with cast iron, cement, and clay pipes.

Avoid Common DIY Plumbing Mistakes

Do not attempt “quick and simple” plumbing solutions like Draino and Liquid-Plumbr. These chemicals can accelerate the degrading of the pipes of your drains and could cause more plumbing issues in the future. If used, they will only make a tiny hole in the obstruction. Certified Professional Plumbers can also provide low-cost treatments and use enzymes instead of harsh chemicals, which can usually resolve and avoid future problems.

How to Diagnose Your Sewer Problem

Hiring a qualified plumber to examine the situation is one of the best ways to identify the plumbing problem’s root cause. They ask why a toilet “bubble” or your shower does not seem to drain as it should. They will conduct a video inspection of the sewer line and tell the exact cause of the problem. They can then suggest the most suitable, secure, and cost-effective solution. In the case of sewers, you’ll want an end-to-end solution, not an interim fix.

Ottawa Plumbing Service happily services the Ottawa region. For more information on avoiding or fixing sewer issues in your house, contact Ottawa Plumbing Service by phone at (613) 317-1682 or by email at info@ottawaplumbingservice.com.

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