Do You Have a Blocked Main Sewer Line?

Dec 30, 2022

If a pipe gets blocked within your home, there are better times to do it. Most of the time, there is no requirement to employ emergency plumbers to clear these obstructions. It is different if the issue is with the main sewer line. When main lines get backed up, and sewage begins flooding your home, it’s easy to feel stressed and overwhelmed. It is an emergency and is likely to improve with expert assistance. Ottawa Plumbing Service is here to guide you through the steps if you suspect a significant line blockage in your sewer.

Indicators That Your Main Sewer Line Is Blocked

It indicates a blocked drain or problem with the primary sewer lines. If the direct sewer lines are blocked, you’ll notice water leaking out in different locations. For instance, water will appear in your shower or bathtub if you flush your toilet. In addition, if you use the washing machine, the sink could begin to overflow.

Drain Clog vs. Main Sewer Line Blockage

Main sewer lines are responsible for all home water drainage, including bathtubs, sinks, and toilets. It’s one line for all of your plumbing needs. If you notice that the main sewer line becomes blocked, it will cause problems with drainage and even backups across all drainage systems. Find that your drainage issue is limited to a single drain. You will likely resolve your issue by clearing that drain by using a drain snake or hydro jetting.

The Issue with DIY

A blockage to the main line signifies that you aren’t able to use any drainage system within your home. It’s crucial to fix the issue as quickly as you can. If you try to fix it yourself, it is futile since the main line goes out of your house as it connects the primary city line. A drain snake or an auger will not reach this far, and chances are that the issue is damaged pipes or a significant blockage that traditional methods can’t clear.

Activities You Can Take To Help

Clean the Area

Although you won’t be able to clear the blockage yourself, you can wash up all sewage and keep everybody out of the affected areas. Sewage is a source of bacteria and microorganisms which can cause disease and infections. Do not ignore the issue. It’s not going away and poses a severe health risk for anyone in the vicinity.

Don’t Ignore the Issue or Use Drain Cleaner

Don’t attempt to use a drain cleaner to clean the drain line. It needs to be fixed and could cause the issue to get more complex. The chemicals used in drain cleaners are highly caustic and have eaten into older pipes, creating more damage.

Shut Off the Water

One of the last things you need is water leaking in the home. It’s easy for people to overlook the issue, especially when you have children in the house. They’ll wash their hands in the sink or even try using the toilet, only to make the backup issue more complex eventually.

Turn off the water supply to the home until a plumbing professional can clear the blockage. The water shut-off will stop others living in the house from using it and adds to the issue.

Call a Plumber

After everyone is secure, the mess gets cleared, and the lot gets cleaned, call the Plumber. They’ll require an inspection of the sewer camera so they can pinpoint the source of the blockage and where it’s situated.

Why Does the Main Line Clog Occur?

The plumbers will visit your home, put cameras in the drain, and inspect the line. Sewer line obstructions get typically caused by a damaged sewer pipe or tree roots inside the pipes. Main sewer pipes are at least 6 inches wide, so hair clogs and other minor issues are not likely to be the cause.

If you reside in an older residence, the sewer lines may become weak due to the passage of time. The pipes could rupture, causing blockages to the bars. Tree roots are another common cause of breaking the tube and becoming a part of it, preventing the flow.

It’s also possible that a severe obstruction, like years of grease build-up, is blocking the pipe. In time the grease solidifies and can cause a physical blockage. Not pouring oil into the sink is essential since hot water will not prevent blockage.

Another cause of sewer backups is the items flushed down the drain but cannot be broken down, such as feminine napkins, toys, and baby wipes. The only thing that must wash is garbage and toilet paper. Anything else could cause severe issues in the line of sewerage.

The Plumber Will Handle the Issue

Plumbers get equipped with special tools to assist in clearing clogs using a hydro jetter or even an industrial drain snake. If they can unblock the pipe in this manner, the expense should be low. If a plumber is aware of the root of the problem and the exact location, the Plumber can start to address the issue.

Your plumbers need to excavate the pipe’s area to clear the obstruction and replace the line. The task is more challenging in winter because the ground is more spongy. The repair could be expensive if the issue is a broken pipe or tree roots.

If there’s a method that the Plumber could resolve the issue without taking up your lawn and removing the weeds, they’ll look into it. They could call in a huge truck to shoot high-pressure water into the area to remove the blockage.

A central sewer line obstruction is not something you should put off for a fix. Your home needs water and drainage for regular everyday life.

If you cannot afford the project’s entire cost, check if your homeowner’s insurance helps and if your plumbing firm offers payment options.

Don’t Wait for Sewer Line Blockage

A significant blockage in the sewer line is an important issue that must address immediately. Only attempt to fix it yourself if your experience is extensive and you have the right tools, or you may cause more damage. The health and well-being of your family members and cannot to access any of your water sources.

You can rely on the friendly experts at Ottawa Plumbing Service for all your plumbing needs, including simple or complicated emergency repairs, such as installing and repairing faucets. Call our trusted Ottawa plumbers today at (613) 317-1682 or email

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