Drain Camera Inspection

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Sewer line blockage can be detected through the use of video technology that is accurate, effective and hygienic.

Through use of in-line video technology, Ottawa Plumbing Service will effectively determine the status of the sewer line. Video technology is also a proactive way of checking the status of drains and sewer lines in your home to avert major problems.

Inspection using the video cameras will identify impediments or obstructions such as bad mortar connections, roots, broken tiles, sludge buildup, sagging pipes, pipe cracks, negative grade sloping, and offset joints that interfere with proper flow and drainage.

Drain systems are a critical part of homes and basements irrespective of the home being new or older. A video inspection will save you both money and time by catching problems early or ascertaining that drainage systems are functioning effectively. To get a clear picture of the drain in your home, call Ottawa Plumbing Services to carry out video sewer camera inspection.

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