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Réparation des drains de plancher

Floor drain problem can be catastrophic to your property. Water will leak into the ground and lead to massive flooding. Major causes of floor drain problems are hair, grease or grass especially if the floor drain doesn’t have metal grates.

Ottawa Plumbing Service has required equipment to get rid of even the most stubborn obstructions. The high pressure drain cleaner flushes out an obstruction by pumping high pressure water through the drain. It will also wash out the drain to leave it clean and working as intended. An alternative is the use of sewer snakes which are metal spiral cables that will pierce and loosen the obstruction.

Following the clearing of the drain, we proceed to install a high quality protective drain grate to prevent recurrence of the problem. In the scenario that the floor drains are cracked and rusted, you will need to replace the damaged drains.

Ottawa Plumbing Service will take time to explain the procedure before any work commences. After explaining the entire scope of work, a quote is provided and we always stick to the price given in the quote.

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