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By waterproofing the basement, the home will stay free from mold, mildew, water damage, and issues with the foundation.

If water seeps into the basement, it will pose serious problems to the integrity of your home. Damage caused by water seeping into the foundation will result in very expensive repairs. Contact Ottawa Plumbing Service to get free assessment of the foundation of your home.

Exterior waterproofing helps to prevent issues that may be caused by water seeping through the foundation and into the basement. Your basement will always stay dry and free from mold. Ottawa Plumbing Service works closely with Ontario One Call to establish the location of underground gas lines and other utilities before work commences.

Successful waterproofing will follow the following ten steps:
  1. Excavating the perimeter of the basement wall foundation reaching deep to the footings. The excavated trench is about two feet out from the wall. Excavated soil is placed on tarps to prevent creating a mess within the property.
  2. The exterior walls of the basement are cleaned and inspected to establish if there are voids, holes and cracks.
  3. The identified problems are filled with hydraulic cement is best suited for this purpose since it expands to seal cracks and holes.
  4. If necessary, cement parging is applied to the basement wall to serve two purposes; to increase strength and to serve as base for waterproofing layers. The parging is allowed to dry for brick and cinder block before a waterproofing layer is applied right from the footings level to grade. For a concrete foundation, adding a blueskin membrane ensures a dry basement.
  5. A dimpled waterproof membrane is fixed to the basement wall as the first line of proofing. The dimples are simply air spaces that aid in draining water to the weeping tiles.
  6. Weeping tiles and the filter-cloth are then installed next to the footing and are directly connected to the foundation drain system.
  7. Clean course gravel is used to cover the weeping tiles to ensure drainage to the foundation drain.
  8. Water tests are performed to confirm that the system is draining well.
  9. Back filling the excavated soil is then done. Ottawa Plumbing Service makes use of a tamping device during the backfilling process to prevent settling of soil.
  10. The final process is a thorough cleanup of the entire area to make sure the property returns to its original state.

Ottawa Plumbing Service will provide a waterproofing guarantee.

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