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Toilet Installation

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Toilets may have been built to last, but this is only possible with proper maintenance. When you need a new toilet, it is important to make sure the installation is done by a professional.

How Do I Know It Is Time To Install A New Toilet 

 A simple indicator that you need a new toilet is when your current toilet stops functioning properly, and the damages are beyond repair. When you get to this point with your toilet, it is not advisable to ignore it as further delay may lead to flooding problems and sewer backups.

Ideally, it would help if you looked out for the following signs which suggest that it is time to get a new toilet installed in your home: 

  • Cracked and damaged toilet components with several repairs is a disaster in waiting and should be replaced with a new one without delay.
  • Wobbling in your toilet is not a normal phenomenon as it should be strongly anchored to the floor. Usually, a damaged subfloor and the wax ring will cause your toilet to move when you use it. When this happens, contact a plumber to resolve the problem.
  • Old toilets that were manufactured in the ’60s should be replaced by modern, resilient toilets which resist cracking and are designed to use water sustainably. 
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