I needed a shut off valve replaced in my laundry room. The plumbers were able to come ahead of my scheduled time, which was great. They were quick and got the job done with high quality service. Thanks very much for the great work.

- Jason R.

Toilet Replacement

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You may need to replace the toilet in your home when the old one stops functioning correctly and is beyond repair. However, determining toilet problems that call for replacement may be challenging.

    • Cracked and damaged toilet components with several repairs is a disaster in waiting and should be replaced with a new one without delay.
    • If some of your toilet components are missing, its functionality is compromised and may be a good sign that you need a new toilet.
    • When your toilet uses too much water to flush, replace it with a water-wise, lo-flow toilet that promotes sustainable use of water
    • Frequently Clogging toilets are costly to maintain and is a suggestion that you need to replace your toilet.
    • When your toilet has too many scratches, you may consider replacing it.

    Ideally, it would help if you looked out for the following signs which suggest that it is time to consider replacing your toilet:

    It is essential that when you decide to replace your toilet, you pick on a brand that will ensure sustainable use of water. There are different toilet brands in the market, and we can help you to select a high-efficiency toilet from top brands like Kohler and Toto.

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