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Water Pooling

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When the wax seal under your toilet is broken or damaged, water will begin to leak out and pool around the toilet base, eventually flooding the floor. Remember, this is sewer water coming from the toilet bowl and can cause health problems to you and members of your household. Water pooling can also lead to structural issues in your home and toilet in general. 

You can use the following tips to tell what is causing water pooling in your toilet:

  • Inspect the water hose to ensure it is not loose 
  • Check the toilet for any loose bolts and broken wax seal
  • Contact reputable plumbers like Ottawa plumbers if you cannot figure out the problem by yourself. 

At Ottawa Plumbing Service, we are experts in inspecting toilets for faults that can cause water pooling and repairing such defects. Contact us today for water pooling solutions. 

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